14 Steps to Designing and Building
a Quality Patio Pool or Spa

To help you better understand the process of dreaming, designing and building a Patio pool, we have put together these 15 design and build steps, from start to finish. Working in concert with your imagination, our experienced design team and in-house construction crews, we will work hand-in-hand to make your dream a reality – on time and on budget!

1. Meeting with a Design Consultant

You’ll meet with one of our designers, perhaps first in our office and then in your home. The designer will review the site and discuss with you, at length, what you want in a swimming pool backyard environment.

2. Presentation of Swimming Pool Plan and Price Analysis

You will be presented with our suggestions for your site, your particular requirements and we will provide a quote. If you want to make additions we will add them. If you want to reduce the budget, our designer will make recommendations that suit your requirements.

3. Contract

The pool design is confirmed with a signed contract. At this point, we will provide you guaranteed start and finish dates – in writing. Only the weather, or some very unusual delays in material availability, will affect the completion date.

4. Site Preparation

Your project superintendent will lay out the pool in your backyard. You will have a chance to review it once more and to make last minute changes. You’ll see exactly where the pool goes and how it fits into your backyard environment. The project superintendent will give you his contact information so you can reach him anytime you have a question.

5. Excavation

We’ll bring in our crews to clear the pool area and to begin excavation. We’ll remove all dirt and debris. You will see the pool begin to take shape.

6. Installation of Plumbing Lines

Much of the PVC piping used for the cleaning and filtering systems, water fill lines and other mechanical systems, including lights, are installed within the pool walls.

7. Installation of Steel

We will reinforce your swimming pool with hundreds of feet of steel bars (re-bar). We will tie all these bars together and create a strong mesh pattern to reinforce the pool. This takes time – other companies don’t usually take the time we do with this important step.

8. Shooting the Pool with Gunite (a form of concrete)

After our detailed pre-gunite quality control process and approval by the Governing Municipality Inspector, we schedule the project for the gunite/shotcrete phase. Specially blended Redi-Mix will be ordered and a highly trained crew will air place the pool shell. A special concrete pump moves the material from the Redi-Mix truck into the pool via a special nozzle that sprays the gunite/shotcrete in place with high pressure that ensures a quality long lasting concrete structure. The crew then carves the steps and benches and shapes the pool walls and floor ensuring all finished dimensions are followed within our company tolerance.

9. Installing Tile

You’ve chosen a tile for the upper edge of the pool, if applicable. We’ll tile the complete circumference of the pool now, and any other sections you wanted to cover with tile.

10. Installing the Deck

The deck can now be laid out, formed and installed. The actual installation process varies greatly because decks can be Kool Deck, colored concrete, Miracote, brick, flagstone, aggregate or other surfaces. Concrete may need to be poured as a base. Each one of these surfaces take a special skill to install – a skill Patio Pools craftsmen have mastered.

11. Other Structures Completed and Landscaping Finished

If there are any other structure or landscaping touches to be added to your backyard environment, they will be completed now – a BBQ, a waterfall, a rock sculpture, plants, trees, raised flower beds, a patio, a ramada. The environment will take shape.

12. Interior Finish and Water Fill

This major step can go in a number of directions, depending on the interior finish that you choose. You may have chosen a plaster finish or one of the new PebbleTec finishes – available in more than 15 colors. Whatever you’ve chosen, the interior of the pool will be finished now, and once the interior surface is perfectly hand-finished and approved by the project superintendent, your pool will be filled with fresh water. (Water supplied by customer)

13. Mechanical Systems Startup

Once the pool is filled with water, all mechanical systems will be turned on and stabilizing chemicals added. Our crews will review your pool thoroughly and make sure that all mechanical systems (pump, motor, filter, lights, cleaning systems, etc.) are working properly and efficiently. The water will be tested for proper balance and clarity. Everything will be checked and rechecked.

14. Jump In!

You’re ready to enjoy your new Patio Pool, a pool built without compromise, patiently, carefully, by highly skilled craftspeople using only the finest materials and mechanical equipment. You won’t find a better-built, better-designed swimming pool anywhere. Jump in!

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