Algae-Free Guarantee

Algae no more!

Algae doesn’t have to happen. We’ve developed a program to help you keep your pool algae-free all summer long, guaranteed.
Stick to our plan and if your pool develops algae, we’ll fix it for free!

Here’s how it works in 3 steps:

1. Get a free water test to establish a starting point.

2. Purchase Algae-Free Guarantee starter kit with the minimum amount needed for your pool. The AFG kit products include the following:

• Optimight, NST, Extra or 3” tablets (or salt, if required, for salt systems)

• Shock

• Maintenance algaecide

• Endure

• Muriatic Acid

3. Maintain your pool with products purchased at Patio Pools, getting your water tested in-store or poolside a minimum of every two weeks.

If your water is not balanced, you must purchase recommended chemicals at Patio Pools.