“Every aspect of my experience with Patio Pools has made me feel good as well as an appreciated customer. Steve Jones has been marvelous, he always takes my calls! Very satisfactory and everyone has been very courteous.”

- Joanie Stevenson

“We just purchased a spa from your store on 22nd street and it was delivered and set up yesterday afternoon. Steve McConnaughey and Craig Decker arrived at our home and assessed the site where we wanted the spa placed. If was found at that time the spa couldn’t fit under our back porch due to the height of the roof which led to the pool area. Craig and Steve took charge and instead if passing us off to someone else they discussed what options were available and handled the situation with total confidence and professionalism. They were a great help at the time, and rescheduled the delivery later in the afternoon so we could alter the site for a successful delivery. When Steve and Craig returned to our home and delivered the spa they were again extremely professional, and very courteous. They explained everything there is to know about the spa and how they work. They presented themselves professionally at all times, and were always able to answer any questions or help in any way.

My husband retired from his own business, and I have worked in the government for years. Professional attitudes, customer relations, and workmanship are extremely important to us. We both were extremely impressed with their presentation, honesty, and workmanship. Both Steve and Craig possess outstanding expertise in a broad range of essential knowledge in the field. Their demeanor was absolutely energetic, in-charge, professional, and friendly. We can truthfully say that they are conscientious, and industrious. We would recommend them for any contract work for which your company handles, knowing full well that they will do an outstanding job. Too often complaints are the only thing a company receives. When deserved, we like to acknowledge employees so their companies know how they perform out in the field and then can be proud to have such employees on their team.

Thank you for making this a wonderful experience, and please thank the two gentlemen who made that possible.”

- Mr. & Mrs. Gene DiMaria

“We recently had a problem with our spa, and called for service. Jack Micus was the service technician who responded to our call, and he took such good care of us that we felt it was necessary to let you know what a wonderful employee you have in Jack.

We were having problems with the circuit breaker on the filter tripping so that the filter would no longer run. Jack came out and was able to isolate the cause of the problem to a faulty ozonator. He disconnected the ozonator and got the filter working that day so that we could avoid emptying and refilling our spa. He ordered us a new ozonator and installed it when the part came in. He spent some extra time with my wife and me explaining what he had done and showing us how to better care for our spa and chemicals. The water has been crystal clear ever since then.

Extra attention and customer service like that which we received from Jack is what sets your company apart. In addition, our buying experience with Dave McKibben was comfortable and he made it very easy for us to purchase the best spa for us. We commend you for having such talented people as Jack and Dave at Patio Pools.”

- Harley & Lorri Puckett

“I am quite pleased to say our entire spa project was an enormous success and the final backyard is absolutely stunning due to 2 of your employees who were just outstanding and represented your company in an exemplary manner. Your salesman went to extreme lengths to make sure we stayed on schedule and that we were beyond satisfied with the outcome while your field supt made a last minute unscheduled trip to the factory then did a very professional start-up for us in the pouring rain. You’ve truly proved your company is customer-oriented and we will deal with Patio for all our needs in the future.”

- Dr. William C. Ludt

“It is with extreme pleasure that I extend a sincere ‘Thank You’ and appreciation for the professionalism you exhibited assuring my complete satisfaction with my purchase of a Coleman Spa. Your reliability, credibility and commitment to customer satisfaction is second to no other business I have ever come in contact with. You were extremely courteous and highly dependable in attending to every detail. Your staff is equally impressive! I’m sure your success will continue – again ‘Thank You!'”

- Robert D. Hillery